Raise your voice – Emma’s story

“Being an advocate is all about taking action. Some people take action out of passion and I’m very passionate about standing up for people’s rights,” Emma Vardy said as she clasped her hands together and rested back in her chair at the local coffee shop. We sat together on a Friday afternoon in the coolContinue reading “Raise your voice – Emma’s story”

We are gay, we are not broken – Gay Conversion Therapy

Today 10 December 2020 marks Human Rights Day and on this day, we examine the insidious act of gay conversion therapy. Administered by many respected religious organisations in first world countries like Australia, this type of therapy has lasting effects on young vulnerable members of the LGBTIQA+ community who are told they are ‘broken’, ‘sinners’,Continue reading “We are gay, we are not broken – Gay Conversion Therapy”

A Case for Voluntary Euthanasia

“When a person is diagnosed as terminal, they could be in a lot of pain for a big part of their life. They die gradually. It’ll get to a certain point where they can’t do anything, then they realise their life is not worth living.” John tells me, exchanging a meaningful look with his wifeContinue reading “A Case for Voluntary Euthanasia”

Living with Mental Illness

“When something bad happens to you, it gives you an arrow through your heart – if something bad happens to your child, you have a million arrows through your heart.” Fran quotes an important Italian philosopher that she does not recall the name of. She looks up thoughtfully, hands clasped together, as tears begin toContinue reading “Living with Mental Illness”

We March Through 30 Years of Silence and 30 Years of Solidarity – 30th Annual Silent Domestic Violence Memorial March

On Friday 27 November in Supreme Court Gardens, Perth, we marched for the 30th time, and this year despite a pandemic, we came together as 600-strong and marched for the women and children who have lost their lives to family and domestic violence, with our silence saying more than words ever could. 495 pairs ofContinue reading “We March Through 30 Years of Silence and 30 Years of Solidarity – 30th Annual Silent Domestic Violence Memorial March”

Topeng Monyet – uncovering the circus

The boy tugged viciously at the chain around the monkey’s neck. It cowered and whimpered in pain. He sniggered and exchanged amused looks with his companion. The children were no more than 10 years old. The monkey nervously touched the chain embedded in its neck. A grotesque doll’s head covered its face, which had theContinue reading “Topeng Monyet – uncovering the circus”

Aboriginal Suicide – The Highest Rates in the World

Outliving a child is a reality that no parent should have to face. When it is due to their precious child taking their own life, they will spend the rest of their lives asking ‘why?’ This is a sad reality for so many Indigenous families in Western Australia. Too many children are taken far tooContinue reading “Aboriginal Suicide – The Highest Rates in the World”

30 years of welcome – Orana House, a milestone

On Thursday 7 November 2019, the domestic violence sector, elected members, survivors and advocates came together in solidarity to celebrate an important milestone as Orana House refuge were honoured with their 30th anniversary celebration.    The night was a show of force and camaraderie within the sector as the voices advocating for women’s rights refusedContinue reading “30 years of welcome – Orana House, a milestone”

Voices of Activists Michelle Hinton –Amnesty WA Refugee Rights Group

Through the impenetrable darkness of human rights violations, oppressed and marginalised people without voices and every injustice that becomes a catastrophic weight on the shoulders of those suffering indescribable pain, loss and grief – are the activists who work towards enabling the burdened to rise and the voiceless to reclaim their voices. These are theirContinue reading “Voices of Activists Michelle Hinton –Amnesty WA Refugee Rights Group”

Creating balance for the better -International Women’s Day 2019

International Women’s Day is here again and the theme for 2019 is Balance for better – looking at a more gender balanced world. This year we celebrate many amazing women that continue to strive for equality and women’s rights across the world, and Geraldine Chacón from Venezuela is one of those women who refuses toContinue reading “Creating balance for the better -International Women’s Day 2019”