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Media Matters – but why?

Jacqui O’Leary has built Community Matters Media out of an idea to tell stories and continue her personal ventures with social justice and advocacy.
Jacqui sits in the garden in front of a living wall and looks over her shoulder, smiling.

Specialising in Communications and Journalism at Murdoch University, over ten years, Jacqui has worked in Not-for-Profit’s, government departments, local government, television, magazines and newspapers in a variety of different areas locally, nationally and internationally. Jacqui also has spent two years volunteering with Amnesty International and freelancing as a Marketing and Communications Consultant for Women’s Services in WA.

She is drawn to ethical and advocacy work in her career and that led to further studies in Community Services. Jacqui has a heart for social justice and she’s passionate about influencing change and advocating for people who don’t have a voice.


Through volunteering at Amnesty International WA and working in numerous other positions in disability, health and Aboriginal services, she found solace and connection in the Community Service sector.

“Always seeking out meaningful work opportunities, she wanted to tell the stories that made a difference, and that led to Family and Domestic Violence and broader intersecting issues of mental health, homelessness and addiction.”

Being a part of this sector, helping to raise awareness and tell the stories of the people within it was the perfect fit, and gave Jacqui an opportunity to deliver her strongest work and find her professional voice.

A group of children at school raise their hands and smile.
“I want to advocate for those who don’t have a voice. They are the ones we need to listen to so we understand what changes need to occur.”


Jacqui O’Leary, Community Matters Media


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