30 years of welcome – Orana House, a milestone

On Thursday 7 November 2019, the domestic violence sector, elected members, survivors and advocates came together in solidarity to celebrate an important milestone as Orana House refuge were honoured with their 30th anniversary celebration.    The night was a show of force and camaraderie within the sector as the voices advocating for women’s rights refusedContinue reading “30 years of welcome – Orana House, a milestone”

Voices of Activists Michelle Hinton –Amnesty WA Refugee Rights Group

Through the impenetrable darkness of human rights violations, oppressed and marginalised people without voices and every injustice that becomes a catastrophic weight on the shoulders of those suffering indescribable pain, loss and grief – are the activists who work towards enabling the burdened to rise and the voiceless to reclaim their voices. These are theirContinue reading “Voices of Activists Michelle Hinton –Amnesty WA Refugee Rights Group”

Creating balance for the better -International Women’s Day 2019

International Women’s Day is here again and the theme for 2019 is Balance for better – looking at a more gender balanced world. This year we celebrate many amazing women that continue to strive for equality and women’s rights across the world, and Geraldine Chacón from Venezuela is one of those women who refuses toContinue reading “Creating balance for the better -International Women’s Day 2019”

Defending the Environment is a human rights win for everyone

The conservation of Beeliar Wetlands is one step closer now after a Bill has been introduced into Parliament to rezone 34 hectares of wetland from Primary Regional Roads to Parks and Recreation. Following this crucial rezoning, the area can no longer be used to build a road. Local conservationist and convenor of “Save Beeliar Wetlands”Continue reading “Defending the Environment is a human rights win for everyone”

Voice. Treaty. Truth. But why does it matter? – NAIDOC Week 2019

As #NAIDOCWeek2019 comes to a close, we at Amnesty remember the theme of Voice. Treaty. Truth. as we reflect on an inclusive Australia, celebrating all people as equals and working to bridge that gap between the disadvantaged. 2019 is also the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages, so it’s time for that shared cultural knowledgeContinue reading “Voice. Treaty. Truth. But why does it matter? – NAIDOC Week 2019”

Australia Day 2020 – Change the Date

Australia Day 2020 is fast approaching. It is the year 2020 and we are a different world, different people, with different values. In the past decade we have embraced many voices, moving from the disregarded and marginalised, to the empowered and the authoritative. From the #MeToo movement, to #HollywoodIsSoWhite, we are embracing all cultures, allContinue reading “Australia Day 2020 – Change the Date”

Why should we care about Climate Change?

The earth is changing and we are all a part of that. It is changing, and not for the better as we face unprecedented levels of CO2 emissions that we have never seen, and all the while our national government remains blissfully ignorant and unaware of the catastrophic environmental emergency we are facing on aContinue reading “Why should we care about Climate Change?”

A box of Lego and a big idea

Be my Koorda is about friendship, community and inclusion, and group facilitator Evelyn McKay said the group started in 2018 with just a box of Lego, her children and an idea. “The Lego club was a great place to start and the communication between the kids is so important as they build their Lego. ThisContinue reading “A box of Lego and a big idea”

Be your own hero through learning self-defence

“Tonight, we want you to walk out of this women’s self-defence class, feeling empowered, having tapped into your fighting spirit,” Ron Amram, Co-Director of Combat Arts Institute of Australia (CAIA) said as he begun the class with seven women at the dojo in Leederville on Tuesday night.     Ron said it was important to acknowledgeContinue reading “Be your own hero through learning self-defence”

Teens – we need to talk about domestic violence

“If I can say one thing to a teenage girl it would be this: in your first relationship, your heart might get broken, but staying in a bad relationship will damage your soul, deep down inside you, and it takes a lot longer to recover from that, than a broken heart,” domestic violence advocate andContinue reading “Teens – we need to talk about domestic violence”


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