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Community Matters Media specialises in telling the ‘stories that matter’ in the community and giving a voice to the voiceless, with a focus on care, advocacy and relationships. We believe everybody has a great story waiting to be told, but not everyone knows what to do with it.


The team at Community Matters Media can help.

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Our values of integritysocial justice and equity underpin all the work we do in the community.

Our Values: Social Justice
Our Values: Integrity
Our Values: Equity

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2021, marks 31 Years of the Silent Domestic Violence Memorial March. “As a community, we need to support FDV survivors firstly by believing them and then asking them the question, what can we do to help,” one of the survivors said. Read more about it here.

“Being an advocate is all about taking action. Some people take action out of passion and I’m very passionate about standing up for people’s rights,” Emma Vardy said. Read more about it here.

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A little boy raises his painted hand and smiles.

Be my Koorda is about friendship, community and inclusion, and group facilitator Evelyn McKay said the group started in 2018 with just a box of Lego, her children and an idea. Read more about it here.

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At Community Matters Media:


Our desire is to tell the stories of our clients that make a difference. By helping them find their voices, one by one, we break down prejudice and barriers that exist and stand in the way of meaningful and impactful change for the better. We will always advocate for the down-trodden and the voiceless.

The community matters and we will honour that. Like what we do? Get in touch today. Please see Jacqui O’Leary’s updated resume for a current career snapshot.


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