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We are gay, we are not broken

Gay conversion therapy is a human rights violation and an attempt to suppress a person’s sexuality and instil a deep sense of shame in who they are as a person.

Staying physically healthy during Covid-19

It is well researched that exercise plays an important role in improving both the physical and mental health of individuals living either with or without a disability.

*Article was written through AT Chat and creative property belongs to them.

Staying Mentally Healthy during Covid-19

Many members in the disability community have been psychologically affected due to the Pandemic. This is *Stacey’s story during times of isolation.

*Article was written through AT Chat and creative property belongs to them.

We March Through 30 Years of Silence and Solidarity

495 pairs of shoes lined the garden, with men, women, children and tiny baby booties representing a life that was taken too soon, in a far too tragic way. 30 years on, we march to honour the fallen victims of FDV.

Living with Mental Illness

Mental illness is a prevalent element of society today. The stigma surrounding mental illness; makes it that much more of a difficult task for an individual suffering, to accept or ask for help. These are the stories of those living with mental illness.

A Case for Voluntary 

Voluntary Euthanasia (VE) is not about dying. It is not even really about death. It is about choice and the freedom to choose. Before the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act passed in WA in 2019, in 2010, we told these stories.

Breaking the Cycle

For Domestic Violence program facilitators Alphonse Balacky and Katrina Francis, FDV is a personal story which has changed their lives. This is their story.

Teens – we need to talk about FDV

Sheree is no stranger to the world of Family and Domestic Violence, and after growing up in a home fuelled with violence, the young girl feared for not only her life, but her future as she learnt how to protect her mother and her siblings.

Be your own hero

Be your own hero, by learning self-defence. We looked into what it takes to empower women to take control of their fears and learn how to protect themselves.

30 years of welcome – Orana House, a milestone

The work of Orana was and is inspired by inclusion, welcoming and acceptance – and the namesake even indicates that. The word ‘Orana’ is an Aboriginal word that means ‘welcome’, and that is precisely what the refuge does for the women and children in need.  

Aboriginal Suicide – The Highest Rates in the World

Suicide is the end of a tortured life. Early intervention procedures are very necessary. The underlying beast is chronic mental illness. A person cutting themselves is crying out for help and we need to respond with a resounding ‘yes, we are willing to help!’

Topeng Monyet – uncovering the circus

Gazing through a thick, hazy curtain of cigarette smoke, Atung, the young Macaque, dressed in a gold waistcoat is commanded to attention with a sharp yank of the chain. Instantly as if an invisible switch has been flicked, he springs to life as a miniature wooden chair is thrown towards him.

We will remember them

We gathered one chilly May evening to remember those we have lost to domestic violence in a sombre candlelight vigil.

Sweeney Todd, by Adelaide Now

Sweeney Todd at the Opera

Join us in reliving the night at the Opera in Perth, one cold chilly night. Read the review here. Picture courtesy of Adelaide Now.

Our hearts are heavy as we march

We marched for the 29th time as we remembered the victims of FDV. We as a sector carry that weight, but more importantly, for the community and the families, it’s too hard and the pain is almost too much to bear.

Time to reflect, time to connect

For Mandy, the battle with mental health issues, addiction and homeless were key factors that hindered her ability to regain control in her life. For domestic violence victims like Mandy, it’s important to remember that no two stories are alike.

Orana House FDV training

Stepping outside of the office, the women from Orana House refuge came together as a united front and learnt from an organisational perspective, how best to support victims of domestic violence and shift accountability back to the perpetrator.

A box of lego and a big idea

Be my Koorda is about friendship, community and inclusion, and group facilitator Evelyn McKay said the group started in 2018 with just a box of Lego, her children and an idea.

Why should we care about climate change?

“Right here, right now, we draw the line and change is coming whether you like it or not,” Greta Thunberg said.

Change the Date

Why are we still celebrating Australia Day in 2020, when we understand what that day means, what that history means and the devastation, pain and trauma, this day still symbolises for Indigenous Australia. It’s 2020 – #ChangeTheDate

7 Days of NAIDOC

For NAIDOC Week 2019, We profiled six different Indigenous Australians over NAIDOC Week from different walks of life and disciplines including politics, advocacy, arts, sport and literature, as we celebrated #7DaysOfNAIDOC. 

Voices of Activists

Through the impenetrable darkness of human rights violations are the activists who work towards enabling the burdened to rise and the voiceless to reclaim their voices. These are their stories…

Creating Balance for the better

In the spirit of gender balance, Amnesty will be supporting extraordinary women who are leading the struggle for justice, often in the face of fierce opposition, discrimination and violence.

Defending the environment

Examining climate change as a human rights issue places control and ownership in the hands of the people and the community.  



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