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Paul Henneberry – a maker of fine ukuleles

Paul Henneberry from Jarrahdale in Western Australia had an inspiration. After attending a ukulele workshop at the Fairbridge Music Festival in Western Australia, he decided to use his woodworking craft skills and his extensive workshop to make his first ukulele.

Pictured above: Paul with two of his instruments

That was in 2014. Upon joining a local ukulele community group, he was encouraged to continue his new passion, making four ukuleles a year.

Paul used various timbers including Spanish Cedar, Black Mulga, Curly Koa, Maple and Blackwood.

In discussions with members of the group he saw a need to support different local charities, so he decided to raffle one ukulele each year and donate the entire amount of $2000 profits to a nominated charity.

Ukulele group members across Western Australia lined up to buy tickets which quickly sold out due to the high-quality nature of his instruments.

Pictured above: Blackwood body ukulele

Paul has not gone fully commercial at this stage. He told me when he retires from his full-time job in electrical instrumentation, he might reconsider. Paul told me he is looking forward to spending more time dedicated to creating ukuleles and to make a lasting impact on the local, national and international musical community.

Learn more about Paul’s story through his website here.

Written by Pat O’Leary

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